Timeline 2020-2023

International Volunteering funded through the Erasmus plus program – EVS  and by the European Solidarity Corps since 2018. 


[partnership] Work Together – the Booklet

The Work Together project was very intense, from the point of view of the interaction activities of the 3 partner organizations.

During all this time, ideal methods were collected that we can transfer to other future projects, but especially to other organizations that are interested in tackling transgenerational educational projects.

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[partnership]"Peers for Equality – Creative Learning Platform”

E+KA2 – strategic partnership project 2020-1-RO01-KA227-YOU-095504


[hosting][partnership][ongoing] SOLID.A.I.R.

SOLID.A.I.R. Facebook Page

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[partnership][ongoing] ME+NTOR_ESC

[ongoing][job and traineeship] Communion in YouthWork

[ongoing] "Permacultura și rezilienta in comunitatile rurale" - ESC Solidarity Project

[partnership][ongoing] Butterfy Effect - Erasmus Plus Partnership

The participants’ group of “Butterfly Effect” a, Erasmus plus K2 – strategic partnership project :2020-1-RO01-KA227-YOU-095370. Here we will post documents, project’s results, participants’ to our learning events impressions and we will exchange ideas & opinions in the implementation time (01.03.2021 until 28.02.2023) and after that.
3 European partner organizations from Romania, Spain and Greece, will cooperate to empower 200 youth workers affected by the pandemic consequences, to develop a quality non-formal learning process using artistic tools in a digital frame.
The Butterfly Effect (BE) project aims to empower these 200 youth workers by giving them new digital competences (knowledge on how to use programmes such as Zoom, Skype and Google Meet) and by training them on how to adapt artistic methodologies to the new digital frame.
These 200 educators will also gain socio-cultural and civic competences by designing an online platform for youth workers and 3 training courses.

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[hosting][partnership] SOLID.A.I.R.

A.C.T.O.R.’s project SOLID.A.I.R. started in September 2019. Financed by the European Union, the project aims to gather 20 volunteers from different countries to participate in different activities, such as cultural diversity promotion in schools, clinical animation in paediatric hospitals and social centres, fundraise, define or develop their own professional and volunteering activities and to develop their competences and a greater understanding of the EU values by sharing their cultural identity and reaching the awareness of the existence of different social challenges, creating strategic actions for children, disadvantaged youth and educational stakeholders.

SOLID.A.I.R. is an ESC (European Solidarity Corp) project. 

SOLID A.I.R. goals for the volunteers:

  1. to become able to engage in social causes managed through A.C.T.O.R.’s current programs (Cultural Diversity program in schools, Clinical Animation program in pediatric hospitals and social centers & fundraising campaigns), experimenting and leading different types of coordinated professional activities to help them develop themselves on a socio-civic, professional and personal level.
  2. actively define or develop their own professional direction they want to follow through voluntary involvement, being eventually prepared to adapt to the labor market.
  3. to develop their competences and a greater understanding of the EU values by sharing their cultural identity and reaching the awareness of the existence of different social challenges, creating strategic actions for children, disadvantaged youth and educational stakeholders.


SOLID A.I.R. activities:

  • training period: Romanian language course and basic training in ACTOR about socio-cultural animation and theater – ex. psycho-pedagogy training, clinical animation, movie making/visibility, balloon modelling, origami, puppet/ shadow theater, face painting, Forum Theater etc.)
  • designing and leading individual intercultural workshops (in the field of non-formal education) for children in schools (primary level) and kindergartens;
  • designing and leading clinical animation sessions for children & youngsters in hospitals & social centres in Bucharest and rural areas;
  • promoting volunteering through non-formal activities and Forum Theatre sessions with youngsters;
  • designing and implementing Fundraisers for children & youngsters in disadvantaged communities of Romania; organizing the Christmas Fundraiser for children in hospitals and social centers (toy collection).
  • designing and performing artistic social events for disadvantaged children in different communities of Romania.
  • running the visibility of the project (writing articles, managing the Facebook page of the project).
  • creating a fundraiser strategy to implement in their own community as a follow up action of the project.

Since solidarity is one of the main subjects of this volunteering activity, here is what one of our volunteers have learnt about solidarity and define it thanks to her experience with A.C.T.O.R.

“Solidarity is these small gestures of human empathy. It’s not about just giving money to feel a bit better about yourself. It’s not about just posting hashtags on social media after a big disaster in a -probably western- country. Solidarity is feeling the vulnerability around you. We are all vulnerable in our own ways. But some of us are more. Some people have more needs, because they never had the chance to choose their lives. They just have to go through it and survive. Every day is another day in this constant battle. Solidarity means being there. For everyone. For you. Solidarity means not only providing goods for other people but giving your time and trying to understand. Because you see yourself in other people. Because you could be them and they could be you. But in this random game we call life, some people have more and some people have less. We are all so similar, yet we live so differently.

Solidarity means that you are able to acknowledge the ugliness in this world and you are willing to fight it. Because you can also see the beauty. And you are trying to seek the beauty and embrace it in every corner of this world. After all, one day the beauty will win”

(Anthi Papadimatou, Volunteer for A.C.T.O.R.)


So far, SOLID.A.I.R. involved 20 volunteers from Italy, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany and France. Over a period of 8 months, 20 new people will be selected to join the programme, and the SOLID.A.I.R. will last for three years.

[sending][partnership] TAKE OFF HOST

[partnership][ongoing] ME+NTOR_ESC

ME + ntor_ESC (2019-2-RO01-KA205-064134) is a project that “works” for 19 months to increase the quality of mentoring in intercultural volunteering projects with EU funding, respectively starting from the resources created in the former European Service of Volunteering of Erasmus Plus in order to support a superior quality approach in the new European Solidarity Corps.

For now we have to organise the first working meeting from the project with 3 colleagues from 4 countries, a working seminar, which will be held between 17 and 23.02.2020  at Codlea in Romania, based on the results of an online research, with the help of each of the organizations. partner. It will be a tour of power, to study the existing resources and to plan the next 5 months of online cooperation to create a methodology and a course design for mentors and coordinators of international volunteers.

poster seminar MESC

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ARTS for RURAL - ESC Solidarity Project

ARTS for RURAL – Teaching arts to the children coming from rural areas is alike planting and cultivating the seeds of tolerance and active citizenship. In order to do so, it requires constant care, nurturing and love.

What does a human being require in order to grow harmoniously and capable? – The same involvement.

Of course, there are many views on this matter, but in our society there are some with more opportunities to develop than others. For a child, it is necessary to have access to both physical and intellectual nourishment – hence, the start of our idea – Arts for Rural.

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[job and traineeship] Communion in YouthWork

Last February, the ACTOR Association received new members in its work team. This is the first step of many in the association and will reveal the potential of the new ESC project – European Solidarity Corps: Jobs and Traineeships. This European initiative is important to support and empower young people who want to work in different areas and in community and solidarity projects. It also helps future professionals to be more solid in terms of knowledge and experience. Organizations, on the other hand, benefit from having young innovators motivated to collaborate in new projects, and benefit from an increase in operational quality. However, the objective is also to provide young people with the opportunity to learn “by doing”, observing the day-to-day lives of organizations and understanding the social and cultural dynamics of a complex and multifaceted communities that exist today in an Europe going through a process of social and political reconstruction.

Inês (from Portugal – Job) and Maria (from Italia – Traineeship) have already started their programs and have contact with all the dynamics of the organization. They were involved in preparing activities with volunteers, managing information and documents, preparing activities KA2 “Me + ntor_ESC” – Seminar. However, despite the support of the organization and the structure of the ESC program – the participants inevitabilly had to deal with e/immigration processes and border policies outside the Schengen zone. It is still an important observation to understand the European construction itself. It is a complex but valuable process for these two professionals and their careers, we hope your stay is good and the A.C.T.O.R. team wishes you the best of luck. Welcome and much success!

Written by Inês Vasquez

This project is supported by European Solidarity Corps

"Permacultura și rezilienta in comunitatile rurale" - ESC Solidarity Project has begun!

[sending] Meet A.C.T.O.R.'s ESC volunteers of 2020!